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D'Ruor Fiberglass Pool and Jacuzzi Systems


"We are the industry's leader and leading brand with a variety of molds in fiberglass pool manufacturing"

Monoblock one-piece fiber pool, with self-ladder and skimmer.

The back part of the fiber surface is knitted with a profile and then reinforced with CTP reinforcement.

Does not require reinforced concrete application

It can be used as above or below ground.

Thanks to this system, which can increase in size by 2 meters and its multiples, fiber pools can be made even in Olympic sizes. Due to its fragmented structure, it can be easily transported and assembled.

" D'ruor offers you practical, economical, modern pool solutions that you can use for a lifetime in your summer house, villa, or vineyard house."

Swimming Pool


Our design team consisting of D'ruor Fiberglass architects and engineers, who are experienced and have high knowledge in the production of Swimming Pools; It designs swimming pools by considering user needs and wishes, environmental data related to the land, climatic characteristics of the environment and cost data.

The layout of the pool (its location in the layout plan, wind direction, how it is affected by sunlight, water discharge, electrical system, aesthetic appearance of the pool, depth, security system), the geometric shape of the pool and all the systems and elements that will form the structure determine the price and manufacturing and shipping process.

With the conclusion of the project, application and detail projects are also prepared and the pool manufacturing process is started on the specified date.

After the start and end times of the works we have designed and decided to be done are determined, the entire date commitment given for delivery is fulfilled.



In order to always dominate the sector, we research innovations all over the world, perceive the dreams of our customers' living space well, produce and offer alternative projects and solutions.

We closely follow all the innovations developed for "RELIABLE, HYGIENIC, ROBUST" pools, which is our priority.

We are working to keep the price and quality balance right under all conditions and to bring the best service to the most affordable cost.


Reflecting its understanding of quality design and application to the projects it realizes, D'ruor Fiberglass has succeeded in becoming a brand as a result of years of knowledge and the trust created by its customer-oriented perspective.

D'Ruor Fiber Pool and Jacuzzi Systems


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